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No matter for what variant of cooperation you decide, [Subsidiary] or [Joint Venture], the first preparation steps are always the same. It is very important to verify the market chances, product particularities and legal requirements before a successful investment can begin.
Market Check

ü Customer Needs
ü Customer Interests
ü Purchasing Power
ü Distribution Chances
ü Competitors
ü Business Environment
Product Check

ü Competitivity
ü Price
ü Necessary Adjustment
ü Acceptance
ü Development Chances
ü Existing Substitute Goods
Legal Check

ü Legal and Official Approvals
ü Trade Barriers
ü Certificates
ü Institutional Testings
ü Import Regulations
ü Taxes and Customs


After the preparing [first steps], one of the most promising opportunities to enter and expand the German or European market is the founding and development of an own subsidiary. In this possible cooperation with a defined end through goal achievement, we organize and realize the complete process of planing and founding up to the operative ability to work.

Of course, different services can be selected from our areas of expertise. [read more]
Founding a Subsidiary

This project part contains all the administrative founding work until the final registration of the subsidiary at registration court and local commercial office.
The main tasks are:
  • Selection of Location
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Articles of Association
  • Founding and Registration
  • Entry in the business register
  • Financing (if necessary)
  • Possibly more
Establishing a Subsidiary

Here we generate the strategic planning and implement the first structural development of the new subsidiary. After that, the operative work to acquire customers can begin.
This means in detail:
  • Building-up of Office and Warehouse
  • Recruiting
  • Other necessary Purchases
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Pricing and Calculations
  • Accounting
  • Possibly more
Operative Work of a Subsidiary

Finally, we will move the subsidiary forward to operative work ability. Your new company part is staffed, structured and able to acquire and supply the customers.
The final assignments are:
  • Sales Development
  • Training of Sales Staff
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Opening up of Distribution Channels
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Possibly more


The long-termed kind of cooperation after the [first steps] is the estblishment of a Joint Venture. Here the basis is a cooperation agreement or the founding of a common company between your enterprise as product supplier and our firm as distribution specialist combined with a selection of our areas of expertise [read more].

In principle, there are two variants of Joint Ventures possible.
Contractual Sales Joint Venture

In a contructual Joint Venture, the tasks and goals are laid down in an agreement. The main goal is the estblishment and expansion of your brand on the German and European market. Together we organize the sale, the marketing, the customer relationship management, the brand management as well as the full order processing and delivery chain.

There is no commercial register entry of the company necessary. It is just announced to the financial authorities as a so called GbR (cooperation under civil law). All involved parties act on own behalf and on own risk.
Equity Sales Joint Venture

For the establishment of an Equity Joint Venture we found a common company under the regulations of German commercial code. This enterprise, which acts under your company name or brand, will develop and expand the market by using all of our competences [read more]. Typically, it will be a corporation (UG, GmbH or AG).

This Joint Venture company is listed at the commercial register and acts on its own behalf and risk. As shareholder we decide together about the sharing of the profit and the further strategy in regular meetings.
Beside the fee for the choosen services [read more] we share the profit of the Joint Ventures success in a fixed ratio.
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