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A detailed planned strategy is the foundation af each success and the basis for all following tasks. It gives a quick overview about the structure of solutions.

Our project planning contains as a kind of road map a timeline, goals with corresponding work, milestones and necessary investments.

All important questions like legal regulations or product requirements will be defined, and we elaborate the way how to solve.

The most important strategies which we create for each project are: Project Plan with Flow-Chart, Comapany Structure, Marketing Strategy as well as Development and Growth Strategy. Depending on the project additionals are possible.

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In this part of our cooperation, we organize and realize all the necessary administrative work, what usually involves the creation or procurement of internal and external documents.

Internal documents can be different kinds of contracts, Articles and Memorandum of Association including notarization, registration at trade office and furthers.

Typical documents for external use are official permits, legal approvals, certificates and others if mandatory.

In the further course of a continuous cooperation, especially in the case of a joint venture, we also take care of the regular tax and customs declaration as well as the daily accounting.

If needed, we furthermore can arrange a project financing by our partners and when you want, we can involve our lawyer's office.

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Sales Development
Sales development for us means more than simple selling. Here at first, we evaluate all possible distribution channels and elaborate the best way how to serve them - partly or all of them.

In the following we compile the optimal mix and edit each single channel by our specialists. Those are own stores, cooperation with trade chains or local single shops, online sale and direct sale (especially in b2b business).

Here we realize the establishment of an own sales department by recruiting and teaching of the staff or by organizing the collaboration with external sales agents as well as direct sale companies. A high number of contacts is already existing and ready to be used.

At the end, the sales department is completely developed and working in all possible distribution channels.

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Marketing is the central factor everything revolves around. All market information converges here and the optimal marketing-mix for the market development will be compiled, planned and implemented under our supervision.

The most mattering items are market research, positioning, identifying of customer needs, advertising, determination of distribution channels, sales organisation, service, product development, pricing, promotion as well as the selection of the best growth strategy.

In addition, when opening up foreign markets, it is absolutely necessary to adapt all means of communication (advertising, image, product descriptions, etc.) to local circumstances and conventions. This is the only way to achieve successful communication.

Our highly educated and experienced marketing team will organise and realize all marketing tasks. No matter if it is for your subsidiary or our common joint venture.

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Product Adjustment
Sometimes an adjustment of the products is necessary because of customer needs, different typical measures and styles or legal regulations. Therefore, we analyse your products and compare them with target market requirements.

Furthermore, it can be important to develop and offer complementary goods to make the origin product marketable.

Goal of this task is to guarantee products fitting to the market and to avoid miss investments.

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The success of each project is depending on the acting people. This includes not only the sales team, but also the colleagues working in the administration or in the logistic sector and in the warehouse.

Therefore, we pay special attention to the selection and training of employees. This is based on detailed job descriptions and applicant profiles.

And in modern times RECRUITING does not mean hiring people, only. It also means keeping people. Because of this it is very important for us to create a great work atmosphere in an innovative working environment.

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To satisfy today's customers a perfect coordinated supply chain is indispensable. A structured organisation starting with the shipment of goods from factory to local warehouse over a complete storage management until the final delivery to the customer, that's what good supply chain management is all about.

Beside a well working commodity flow some administration work has to be included and parallelised. This are e.g. import and export documents as well as tax and customs declarations.

And last but not least it must be decided at what point own forwarding facilities have to be used or when the use of external shipping companies is applicable.

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