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Project Procedure


Distribution to Germany ...

... means for an international SME manufacturer a lot of variety tasks which go far behind mere customer acquisition.

Topics like customs, taxes, patent law, terms of payment, payment security, currency risks, liability, commercial unit regulation (BEPS), etc. are waiting for you. Because of that a good preparation is not only necessary for the success, but for the legal certainty as well.

With our proven and experienced sales agents and our sales office in Germany you'll gain the necessary full-service for a successful and legal certainty sale and distribution of your goods.

From the planning, through direct sales to your customers, to the complete order processing, we are your reliable partner for your sales in and to Germany.


The success of every project is decided in the planning, because the course for all measures which have to be carried out is already set at this stage. In the planning phase, we therefore consider in detail the following topics:

  • Creation / review of the marketing and sales strategy
  • Detailed target group description taking into account the individual target market specifics
  • Definition of sales goals
  • Clarification of all issues relating to import / export, freight and supply chain
  • Clarification of all customs and tax issues
  • Pricing and calculation
  • Further target market requirements
  • Scheduling of the distribution system

The practical work already begins in the preparation phase. Here the acting persons as well as the advertising media are prepared for the sales. Furthermore the technical conditions for the realization and for the monitoring will be created.

  • Creation and / or adaptation of the marketing / advertising / sales material to the circumstances of the target market
  • Preparation of our CRM system for your project
  • Working out your unique selling point (USP) and other product advantages in the target market
  • Training of sales staff (possibly in your company)
  • Creation of the first contact lists with contact persons
  • Proposals for supporting promotional activities
  • Preparation of the conversation guides with argumentation and objection treatment
  • Creation / adaptation of your purchase contract on the legal basis of the target marke

In the next step, the strategy and the created documents get tested in a small target market and, if necessary, adapted. Only then the area-wide sales start take place.

Now we are optimally prepared and the German-wide sale and distribution can begin. Our services include:

  • Personal customer contact and regular customer visits
  • Assistance in the organization of all marketing and advertising activities
  • Complete sales process (customer service > sales talk > contract conclusion)
  • Customer Relationship Management and After-Sale Marketing
  • Regular reporting
  • Further services (depending on the cooperation variant)

.....• Order processing
.....• Organization of the supply chain
.....• Complaint processing
.....• etc.

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