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Our marketing service is used regularly during the preparation phase, but can also be done independently of a sales project. In this division, you receive all the services of a full-service advertising agency.

The basis of every advertisement is the marketing and advertising plan, which is either created by us or, if already existing, adapted to the target market.




TV / Radio


Translation of your brochures and catalogs

Graphical and content adaptation to the target market

Determination of the necessary circulation

Designing of supporting ads

Selection of media / journals

Publication of the advertisements

Further PR measures

Translation of your homepage into German

Graphical and content adaptation of your Internet presence

Selection of supporting platforms and marketplaces

Ad serving on such platforms

Search engine ranking

Viral Marketing and Social-Media

Designing and creation of commercial spots in German

Selection of the best media and channels

Publishing of the commercial spots

Exhibition visits

Trade fair appearances with own booth

Participation in tenders

Poster and outdoor advertising


Market research

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