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Cooperation Variants


Our Cooperation Variants for your Sale to Germany

For your distribution to Germany we offer 4 variants of cooperation to you. These range from a simple agency contract, through a sole agency agreement, to the provision of a full local sales and representative office. The strongest type of cooperation is the establishment of a common distribution company in Germany as a joint venture.

During our negotiations, we jointly determine the legal framework under which we act for you. Depending on the project and the objective, we can act as a commercial broker, commission agent or sales representative. According to your product or service, we arrange sales contracts and contracts for services.

Especially in the development of international markets, the representative has a special position in day-to-day customer service. For example: On the home market it is easy to handle full order processing or complaints with internal staff, but on foreign markets the representative on site is often the automatic and also more meaningful contact person. Therefore, during our personal discussions, we also determine the additional service that go beyond pure sales and have to be provided by us.

Simple Agency Agreement

Sole Agency Agreement

Representative Office / Sales Office

Sales Joint-Venture

In the case of a simple agency contract, we usually act as a pure intermediary without a final power of attorney. A contract is only concluded between you and the customer.

The use of additional agents and the direct sale and supplying to your distribution channels without us remains basically permitted.

By acting in this way your advantage is the very low risk and you keep all options in your own hands.

If we cooperate under a sole agency agreement, we usually act as a commercial agent with power of attorney, i.e. we are allowed to sign contracts with a potential customer on your behalf.

As a general representative we are also responsible for more in-depth market development tasks. Therefore, further agents are not allowed and the operation of all distribution channels runs exclusively through us.

Your advantage is that you get the entire market development from a single source.

The basis of this kind of cooperation is a sole agency agreement. Additionally we act under your brand name and not as external agent.

Furthermore you'll get a full office address with phone number. For a potential customer you are acting with your own sales and distribution staff.

The outstanding advantage of this variant is the operation under own brand. That develops a higher brand awareness level and an own positive image.

Finally we offer to you the establishment of a common sales and distribution company as a joint-venture in Germany. Out of that company we also can act as sales agents or as internal sales staff as well.

As shareholder you'll keep full control and direct influence to the sales strategy. Especially because of the new anti-BEPS regulations this kind of cooperation is becoming increasingly important.

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